6x 180ml Tulip Cup & Saucer Plain $7.25 Each

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180 ml Tulip or Long Black coffee cup is best for Long Black, Flat White and Latte. Made with specialty coffee in mind the Tulip shape of the cup has been made for the drinker and barista. Optimizing the best out of the pour and allowing the crema to linger as the coffee is consumed. 

Size of Cup: 180ml – Tulip/Long Black

Size of Saucer: 14cm

Gold Line Available Colours: Charcoal, Cream or Powder Blue

Plain Available Colours: Brown, Powder Blue or Charcoal

The tulip and demitasse design is all about giving the barista the best tool to present their coffee in. We have designed this cup so that the milk pour is effective and moves quickly through the coffee creating a thick beautiful crema.

As the coffee is enjoyed by the drinker it slides down the walls of the cup, leaving a beautiful creme coating the interior. 

Ava coffee cups are made from heavy duty ceramic, meaning that are strong and durable and can be put through any commercial dishwasher. With their thick, high grade quality ceramic walls, Ava Coffee Cups hold the coffee temperature stable. The cups are durable and finished to the highest quality.

Made at one of the oldest fine bone china companies in the world, Ava coffee cups are hand-made and go through a process where they are hand-dipped into the pigment then glazed and put through the kiln. This process means that each cup has an organic feel and is individual.  

Ceramic cups also transcend beautifully into the domestic kitchen. With an array of colours to choose from they can act as a bold statement or an addition to any home kitchen aesthetic.

At Ava Coffee Cups our aim is to bring an affordable, high quality range of Ceramic coffee cups to the hospitality industry.