Ava Coffee Cups is a new Australian distributor of ceramic cups for the hospitality industry. We focus on simple design to make cups that are tailored to coffee preparation and drinking. 

Our cups are all about showcasing the Baristas coffee - the soft tones and the reflecting gold line set these cups apart.

Our aim is to bring beautifully distinctive and unique coffee cups 


 a tool for Baristas to showcase their coffee. Made with coffee in mi


Distinctive and unique to best fit into any cafe environment. 

Made by one of the oldest, and best fine bone china factories in the world Ava Coffee Cups have worked closely with the factory to 



Welcome to Ava Coffee Cups.

A new Australian supplier of coffee cups for the hospitality industry.

Our aim is to bring cafes and baristas a tool to showcase their coffee. We have put together 3 sizes, Demitasse 90ml, Flat White and Tulip 180ml in a range of colours that are distinctive and unique, charcoal, cream, sea green, powder blue, black and brown. The addition of the Gold Line reflects and enhances the beautifully rich crema of a well-poured coffee.

We have spent a whole lot of time researching how coffee cups are sold to the hospitality industry. Through that research we have found that our cups are affordable and top quality, and that there isn’t a lot of wholesale options online. In response to that we have created a really responsive online store catering for cafes and restaurants.

A simple and easy solution to buying your coffee cups.

Our ceramic cups are hand-crafted by one of the oldest and most well respected fine bone china factories in China. The cups are kiln dried then hand-dipped into the glaze by an incredibly experienced glazer giving the cup individuality as this technique allows the glaze to cling to the ceramic naturally. Imperfections are a sign of this hand-crafted technique. The Gold Line is real gold-leaf and is also applied by an experienced hand.

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