Two coffee fanatics, husband and wife, James and Frith have used their experience in hospitality and importing to bring a beautiful range of coffee cups to cafes and businesses in Australia.

Having built a strong relationship with one of the oldest fine bone china factories in China; James and Frith have created the range to reflect the passion behind well made coffee. 

The tulip and demitasse design is all about giving the barista the best tool to present their coffee in. We have designed this cup so that the milk pour is effective and moves quickly through the coffee creating a thick beautiful crema. The addition of the gold line around the cup and saucer reflect the colour of the crema adding another dimension to the coffee experience. As the coffee is enjoyed by the drinker it slides down the walls of the cup, leaving a beautiful crema coating the interior. 

Our antipodean flat white cup is a twist on a conventional coffee cup. We have designed it to have a thinner lip, and more refinement so that it can make the cross-over into a tea cup if so desired. This cup is wide and squat making it perfect for a flat-white, latte or cappuccino. 

The cups are hand-made and go through a process where they are hand-dipped into the pigment then glazed and put through the kiln. Once out of the oven the gold-line, real gold leaf, is applied by hand. This process means that each cup has an organic feel and is individual.  

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